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How to Eliminate Dog Oder's in your Home

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

There's nothing worse than walking into a home, weather it be yours, or someone else's, and sniffing an overwhelming stench of unknown dog substances, you know the ones. But we love our pets so much, and want to hang out with them inside. Well I'm here to tell you that you can have the best of both worlds with these few tips. I have been working at a doggy day care for 3 years now, and you definitely pick up tips about how to keep the stench down!

1- Make sure your dog is clean.

This might sound obvious, but think about it. We are constantly running behind our dog, cleaning up paw prints and dog smells from everywhere, but if the dog is already clean in the first place, then all of this is eliminated. It is much easier to sort the smell out at the source than to be trying to cover it up. I would recommend a bath every 1-2 weeks. Its very important to use a natural shampoo when your washing your dog this frequently. Washbar has an amazing bar of dog soap that not only does an amazing job at cleaning your dog, it medicates any itches your dog has, and leaves a fresh lemon scent. They also have a great scented spray that can tide them over until the next wash.

2- Brush your Dog

Along with making sure your dog is clean, making sure that he or she is brushed is another great way to eliminate the 'dog trail' in your house. This differs for a lot of breeds. For shorter coated dogs, I would recommend this brush. The rubber bristles stick to any loose hair and pull it out. And as for longer coated dogs, or double coated dogs, I would get them professionally groomed every 6 weeks. Groomers can completely strip out there loose undercoat, getting rid of the hair that would naturally shed. But if your brave, and want to give it a go yourself, I would recommend a rake, and a slicker brush. In the future, I will do another blog post on how to properly brush your dog, so stay tuned!

3- Bedding

Making sure their bedding is regularly washed is another important thing. I would recommend when ever you wash your dog, wash their bedding as well. This gets rid of smell, and makes sure that there isn't any fleas festering in the bedding. The best way to do this is just to chuck it in the washing machine. Put it on the highest temperature wash, and make sure that your washing powder is unscented and gentle on skin. If it isn't, then just replace the washing powder with white vinegar. This is an excellent deodorizer, and is also a flea deterrent. You can also use the Washbar Daily Spritzer on your dogs bed in between washing.

4- White Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is your best friend when it comes to cleaning up pet messes. Its all natural, and its an excellent deodorizer. Making sure that there isn't any left over smell will make sure that your puppy doesn't decide that's there new toileting spot for life.

5- Damp Rubber Glove and Squeegee

This is the best method for getting pet hair off things. If you get a damp rubber glove, and run it over the furry area, this will gather all the pet hair in your hand, so you can throw it away. You can do the same method with a damp squeegee, which is better for larger areas.

I hope these few tips has helped. They may seem pretty self explanatory, but if you implement these few tips in your daily life, you will definitely smell the difference.

Have an awesome rest of your day, and remember, be the person your dog thinks you are!